Cool, Comfortable, Confident

The perfect breastfeeding canopy cover is here!


Created by a Registered Nurse.

Adjustable, Breathable, Excellent Visibility

Visibility = Bonding

Unlike traditional nursing covers, the Nippy Nap™ nursing canopy promotes bonding, visibility for a good latch and adjustment, and limits distraction without interrupting your social time.

It keeps mom and baby cool and protected with ventilated, UPF 50 fabric that doesn’t drape over baby’s face or feel like wearing a blanket for mom.

It also rocks while pumping, lap napping, bottle feeding, or working with a lactation consultant! In public, during family events, at work, on an airplane… feel confident wherever you go!


Best New Mom Product


Best Baby Shower Gift


Off the neck
and shoulders

Adjusts from
the inside

Thoughtfully Designed

“I created the nursing cover I wish I had when I was breastfeeding during the hottest months in Arizona. I wanted to be able to see my baby, not melt, and avoid having a blanket draped over me or covering baby’s face, but I also wanted a little privacy.” -Chalice Blinick RN, FNP-C

Excellent Breathability

Tiny holes allow for ventilation and air flow to you and baby. The fabric is super soft, stretchy, safe, and comes in Cloud White or Sweetly Grey. The fabric doesn’t rest over baby’s face or over Mom’s back or shoulders.

  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Lead Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Heat safe 

The best nursing cover for new moms

In motherhood, there are so many choices that are all yours to make. Whatever you choose, we support you and your journey!

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